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Hilary Duff - Reach Out - Official Music Video (HQ)
Best Of Hilary Duff in stores November 11! Includes 2 brand new songs Reach Out and Holiday. Plus the hits, Come Clean ...
5 months ago 7,226,907 views hollywoodrecords
Hilary Duff makeover2
Another makeover of Hilary (who I really think is sweet) but I was really bored.
2 years ago 3,134,995 views invincibleminerva
Hilary Duff - Stranger - Official Video (HQ)
Second single from Hilary's album Dignity.
1 year ago 22,777,111 views hilaryduffofficial
Hilary Duff - With Love - Official (HQ)
Hilary Duff is back "With Love" and her new album Dignity in stores now!
1 year ago 6,418,230 views hollywoodrecords
HIlary Duff - Come Clean
Come Clean was the single taken from the album Metamorphosis. Hilary's new CD Dignity featuring the new single "With Love ...
2 years ago 8,940,275 views hilaryduffofficial
hilary duff
[TRANSLATED] hilary duff
[TRANSLATED] hilary duff
hilary duff
2 years ago 2,076,346 views lucky1220
Hilary Duff - Beat of My Heart
Beat of My Heart was the second single from the favorite hits album Most Wanted. Hilary's new CD Dignity featuring the ...
2 years ago 12,719,228 views hilaryduffofficial
Hilary Duff - So Yesterday
So Yesterday was a featured single from the album Metamorphosis. Hilary's new CD Dignity featuring the single "With Love ...
2 years ago 8,606,817 views hilaryduffofficial
Miley Cyrus gets a call from Hilary Duff!
www.muchmusic.com Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana) drops by MOD to chat with VJ Leah Miller about the ups and downs of fame ...
1 year ago 4,870,267 views MuchMusicOfficial
raise your voice
[TRANSLATED] raise your voice
[TRANSLATED] raise your voice
someone`s watching over me ... hillary duff ...
3 years ago 7,429,553 views S2F
Hilary Duff - Jericho
Video from movie "Raise Your Voice" Music: Hilary Duff - Jericho
2 years ago 1,751,955 views torgachkin
Why Not - Hilary duff
Hilary duff
2 years ago 4,884,247 views yogurt4000
Hilary Duff - Fly
[TRANSLATED] Hilary Duff - Fly
[TRANSLATED] Hilary Duff - Fly
Taken from her self titled debut album Hilary Duff. Hilary's new CD Dignity featuring the single "With Love" is in stores ...
2 years ago 2,192,462 views hilaryduffofficial
Hilary Duff ft. Haylie Duff-Our Lips Are Sealed
The video of Our Lips Are Sealed by The Duff sisters
2 years ago 1,387,365 views VietnameseGirl
Hilary Duff - Who's That Girl
Music video Video from movie "Perfect Man" Song: Hlary Duff - "Who's That Girl"
2 years ago 5,114,092 views torgachkin
Hilary Duff Transformed
Singing, acting, fashion design and modeling. Hilary does it all and explains how as part of the Style Series presented ...
1 month ago 95,993 views StyleSeriesDietCoke
Hilary Duff - What dreams made of - Lizzie Mcguire
a scene from Lizzie Mcguire
2 years ago 2,246,359 views heninn
Hilary Duff - Reach Out  (Official)
www.portalduff.com Reach Out - Hilary Duff (Official) Dedico aos fãs da comunidade Hilary Duff Brasil http
6 months ago 1,704,495 views beckassado
hilary duff - play with fire
hilary duff play with fire
2 years ago 626,981 views Ezios91
Hilary Duff-Dignity
[TRANSLATED] Hilary Duff-Dignity
[TRANSLATED] Hilary Duff-Dignity
A song from her new album!
1 year ago 118,131 views chaingangers4ever


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